Awake and Sing Songbook   Book Index   Instructions: Scroll down and click on name of song below for midi music.  In order to play and view the lyrics, you need a Karaoke type midi player, such as the one found at    That one is free.  You can also click on the PDF  to open the sheet music in Adobe *.pdf format, and click on the song name to play the music while you read and/or sing along.  This can also be done with Windows Media Player or any other midi player.  Alternatively, since midi songs are very small 1-3 kilobytes, you can download the songs to your computer, by right-clicking on song name and saving to disk and then  playing the music from there.


1-Awake and Sing  1-PDF                                                                                                                                                         

2-Jesus Stands For Me In Judgment  2-PDF

3-We Worship Thee  3-PDF

4-At Calvary  4-PDF

5-Call To Judgment  5-PDF

6-The Truth Is Marching On  6-PDF

7-When Jesus Christ Was Crucified (Group)  7-PDF

8-Psalm 51    8-PDF

9-Hear Ye The Call   9-PDF                                       

10-The Truth Of God Will Triumph Yet!   10-PDF     

11-Revelation 22:14   11-PDF                                                           

12-Christian Now Thy Soul Prepare   12-PDF              

13-O Love Of God  13-PDF                                                                                   

14-Let Them Build Me A Sanctuary   14-PDF              

15-My Shepherd  15-PDF                                            

16-Original Sin  16-PDF                                              

17-The Sanctuary Service  17-PDF                                                    

18-Light, The Precious Light Is Breaking   18-PDF     

19-A Song Of The Sanctuary   19-PDF                                                 

20-He Gave Us Jesus   20-PDF                                                                         

21-Filled With His Fullness  21-PDF                           

22-When Softly Falls   22-PDF                                                                          

23-Lord, I Believe  23-PDF                                        

24-Finish The Work In Me  24-PDF                             

25-Homeward Bound  25-PDF                                    

26-Jesus, Little Temple  26-PDF                                

27-Sing Of Calvary   27-PDF                                       

28-Lamb Of God  28-PDF                                            

29-Law Of Promise   29-PDF                                                    

30-Come Now, Let Us Reason Together  30-PDF               

31-Till Thou Bless Us   31-PDF                                                                         

32-Looking Up  32-PDF                                               

33-Daniel 8:14    33-PDF                                             

34-Jesus Knows, He Understands  34-PDF                  

35-Seeking For Me  35-PDF                                         

36-The Prince of Peace  36-PDF                                 

37-The Day of Atonement  37-PDF                                                      

38-When Jesus Christ Was Crucified (Solo)  38-PDF  

39-Let There Be Light   39-PDF                                  

40-With Thee  40-PDF

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