God's Purpose For the Human Soul                                  

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                    God's Purpose For the Human Soul

                 [A poem by the author of this website]


                    As Christmas time is drawing nigh,

                    I thought to myself how nice 'twould be,

                    To share some thoughts of the Most High,

                    Which He has been pleased to give to me.


Jn 1:14.            The word was made flesh and among us abode.

Eph 3:11.           His tabernacle was spread.

                    To fulfill the eternal purpose of God,

Col 1:27            That in man His glory might be read.


                    Back in the garden, man, a temple fit,

Gen 1, 2.           Could speak to God face to face.

                    His law in Adam's subconscious was writ,

Ex 25:21.           As the same in the ark he did place.


                    For man it was natural to do God's will,

                    As natural as to do his own.

Gen 3.              But another stepped in, a serpent vile,

                    And in man he set up his throne.


Rom 8:7.            No longer 'twas natural, nor could he find how,

Rom 1,2.            To seek his Maker, and at Love's law bow.

Ps. 51:5.           But instead a law of sin and strife,

Jer. 17:9           Became his only way of life.


                    And man would have been forever lost,

Gen 3:15.           Has not One stepped in to pay the cost.

SR p. 43.           A Seed of Enmity to place,

                    To give Himself to man by grace.


Ed. p.36.           In Him was fulfilled the symbol of,

                    Old Israel's temple glorious.

Gen. 3:15           In Him, the serpent bruised by love,

                    As man He was victorious.


Phil 2:5-8.         He left the Most Holy at His Father's side,

DA p. 49, 117.      Clothed matchless power divine,

Heb 3:14-18.        With Mary's weak will, mind and frame,

EW p. 152.          Your fallen nature and mine.


                    He came to us as a little babe,

Luke 2:52           From Joseph learned to work with wood.

                    While from His Father, He learned to make,

Heb 5:8             A human character, perfect and good.  


Table of shewbread  Daily He fed on the Word of Love,

Candlestick         The Spirit was His friend.

Altar of incense    And prayer like incense rose above,

                    As hours with God He did spend.


                    Then, in the courtyard, He was baptized;

                    Repenting not His sin but mine.

                    And, on the altar, the plan realized,

COL p. 307.         Man wed in Him to the divine.    


                    Now He comes without the gate,

                    And takes me by the hand,

Acts 14:27.         Through faith which is the only door,

COL p. 112.         Joined to repentance by a sure band.


                    As soon as into the courtyard I step,

Rev 19:8.           By white linen I am surrounded.

1SM p. 394, 395.    In Him, I then am complete,

7BC p. 933.         By His grace which to me has abounded.


                    But to the altar He next me leads,

Rom 6:6.            My self is to be crucified.

*RH Mar. 9, 1889.   It is only by helpless dependence on Him,

                    That this step may be realized.


Titus 3:5.          Then to the laver I'll follow Him,

                    My sins by the water to be washed away.

Rev 8:3.            Feed on the Bread, bask in the Spirit's light,

1SM p.344.          My prayers with His merits combined each day.


                    And every day more fully realize,

Eph 2:9.            It is only His mercy which justified.

2T p. 505.          That is all these steps each day I trace.

                    On His promise alone my faith I'll place.


                    But He has for me one grand step more,

Dan 8:14.           And in eighteen hundred and forty four.

Rev 10:7.           He entered then the Most Holy Place,

Lev 16:30.          To complete in me His work of grace.


Joel 2:12-17.       And I must follow Him by faith,

Zeph 2:1-3.         Afflict my soul, repent so deep,

Jer 17:1.           Of that internal law of sin,

Rev 3:19.           Which e'er has caused my Lord to weep.


Isa 4:2-4.          That He may once again within,

Mal 3:1-3.          My heart forever cleansed from sin.

5T p. 472-476       His law, His glory, forever place,

1T p. 179-183.      On my heart's ark, amazing grace!


Rev 3:17.           Oh friend, I plead that you may see,

Lev 16:29, 23:29,   And join me in my soul's affliction

Heb 10:19-23.       That we might boldly enter in,

Heb 6:6.            To end fore'er His crucifiction.

DA p. 300.


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