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Sermons #3.

Basis of the Awakening 1 [D]

Book of Judges [D]

Brief Sanctuary Review--John Brinsmead [D]

Brinsmead's Life to 1963 [D]

The Bulwarks of Zion [D]

    Calistoga, 1966 & 1968       

        1. Perfection in the Flesh  (Foundations of SDA Truth) [D]

        2. The "Holy Flesh" Error [D]

        3. The Righteousness of Christ [D]

        4. Entering Into His Rest [Rev. 14:6, 7] [D]

        5. Law, Justice and Mercy in the Light of the Cross [D]

        6. Faith and Righteousness [D]

        7. Questions and Answers (Emphasis on the Nature of Christ) [D]

        8. Questions and Answers continued [D]

        9. The Prophetic Word in the Last Days [D]

        10. Christ the Reality [D]

        1. The Sanctuary Reflects the Light of the Cross, 1968 [D]

        2. Cut the Work Short In Righteousness, 1968 [D]

The Church and Our Relationship [D]

    Coarse Gold Series, 1964       

        1. Former Rain, Latter Rain [D]

        2. Justification by Faith I [D]

        3. Justification by Faith II [D]

        4. Armageddon [D]

    College Place (?Snohomish)

      Perfection Through the Sanctuary Service [D]

        Unveiling Christ in the Most Holy Place [D]

        Hebrews 10: Day of Atonement [D]

        The 1888 Message [D]

        The Three Angels' Message in the Book of Daniel [D]

        The Image of the Beast and the Judgment of the Living [D]

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