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Sermons #9.

    Modesto, 1962

      Dialogue Between the Brinsmeads and Dan Venden / Questions and Answers [D]

        Common Market, 3 Crises: Europe, the USA and the Church [D]

        The Law and the Gospel in the Light of the Day of Atonement [D]

    Montrose, 1962

        Law and Sin in the Light of the Cross [D]

        The Sabbath in the Light of the Cross [D]

        God's Way of Dealing With Sin [D]

        Keeping God's Commandments [D]

        The Scope of the Sanctuary [D]

        The Common Market [D]

        The Image of the Beast and the Judgment of the Living [D]

        The Scapegoat [D]

        Exposition of the Sanctuary, January, 1961 [D]

        Purpose of the Third Angel's Message, January, 1961 [D]

    Myrtledale, 1966       

        Nature of Christ [D]

        Daniel and Revelation [D]

        Isaiah 58 [D]

        Perfection and the Latter Rain [D]


The Natural Man is Enmity Against God--Ray Martin [D]

The New Creation [D]

Order of Events (John Brinsmead) [D]

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