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Sermons #13.

    Sacramento, 1967       

        First Angel's Message--Good News of the Judgment [D]

        Christ In the Third Angel's Message--Revelation 10:1 [D]

        The Mark of the Beast and Human Ideas [D]

        Decade of Destiny [D]

        Answers to Question on Perfection and the Final Atonement [D]

        The Experience of the Blotting Out of Sins [D]

Safety Only In the Temple [D]

Sanctuary Illustrates Man [D]

The Sanctuary in the  Light of the Prophetic Background of Daniel and the Revelation [D]

The Sanctuary of the Soul and The Sanctuary in Heaven--Basic Sanctuary Truths [D]

The Shaking and Victory [D]

    Standifer Gap, 1964       

        Nature of Man and Christ [D]

        Perfection in the Sanctuary [D]

        Order of Events [D]

        The Laodicean Message--A Message for "Righteous" Believers [D]

        False Attitude of Laodicea--Substitute Theory for Experience [D]

    Sugar Pine, 1964

        Where Do We Go From Here? [D]

        Sanctification [D]

        The Human Nature of Christ [D]

        The First Great Commandment [D]

        Changes That Came in When Man Fell [D]

        Roll Away the Stone--Appeal to Children [D]

        Isaiah 53--The Cross (With Testimony Meeting) [D]

        The Nature of Man and the Purpose of God in Creating Him [D]

        Resting in Christ--Glorify God [D]

        The Fruits of Resting in Christ--Our Great Need Today [D]

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