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Sermons #14.

    Summer Institute Set

     These messages were chosen by RDB as the best from the 1966 summer institutes.  They were held at Snohomish, WA; Calistoga, CA; Conway, ?; Ridgetop, TN; Pamona, CA and Myrtledale, CA. They were sold as a set. Some may be also referenced elsewhere in this index of sermons. 

      1a. Incarnation I:  Only God is Holy [D]

      1b. Incarnation II:  Nature of Christ [D]

      2a. Sanctuary Message I:  Perfection and the Latter Rain [D]

      2b. Sanctuary Message II: Law, Justice and Mercy in the Light of the Cross [D]

      3a. Justification by Faith: Revelation 14:6, 7 [D]

      3b. Questions and Answers: Imputed and Imparted Righteousness [D]

      4. The Law and the Gospel [D]

      5a. Holy Flesh [D]

      5b. Foundations of SDA Truth  [D]   

      6a. Daniel 11 [D]

      6b. Revelation--Final Conflict [D]

      7a. Christ the Reality: For Me to Live is Christ [D]

      7b. Isaiah 58 [D]

      8a. The Judgment of the Living: Daniel and Revelation [D]

      8b. Last Day Events  [D]     

      9a. The Gospel in the Sanctuary: Justification and Sanctification [D]

      9b. Same: The Daily, The Yearly and Perfection [First few minutes double-voiced] [D]

      10a. Herein is Love: Perfect Love Casts Out Fear [D]

      10b. Herein is Love: SS Study: Coming Out of Egypt--Dr. Jack Zwemmer [D]  

      11a. Faith and Salvation: The Thief On the Cross [D]      

      11b.The Issues at Stake:  Why Are You an SDA?  [D]     

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