The Awakening

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God's Purpose For the Human Soul [A poem by the author of this website]


                    As Christmas time is drawing nigh,

                    I thought to myself how nice 'twould be,

                    To share some thoughts of the Most High,

                    Which He has been pleased to give to me.


                    Man in the garden, a temple fit,

Gen 1, 2            Could speak to God face to face.

                    His law in Adam's subconscious was writ,

Ex 25:21            As the same in the ark He did place.


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A Website dedicated to the preservation and sharing of materials pertaining to the awakening message of the 1960's.  A message which I and others felt was sent from God through Robert D. Brinsmead to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Please judge for yourself whether it was accepted or rejected.  It presupposes belief in the prophetic gift given to the church through Ellen G. White.  It invites discussion from anyone.

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